1000- The Lord of Storms

Inspired by: SHAZAM! By Haining-art on DeviantArt

The presence hovered around him like a cloud of body odor. She smelled it before she saw him, before she turned to look and find his face. There was the noise of twenty people in a small, warm place, the rain outside, the swish click of the door opening yet again— And the overwhelming vision. A vision of a young man almost as radiant as God, his eyes the color of lightning, dressed in scarlet and gold. Continue reading

1000-Party Over Ten People: Must Have Reservation

McTire knew it was going to be a bad day when he had to wait for the snow plow to clear out his driveway. Thick grey clouds hung close overhead, turning the dawn grimy and dark. Even his monster four wheeler couldn’t break through the bank. McTire had waited, coffee freezing in his bundled up hands, until those huge lights burned out of the not-night like distant angels, approaching at ten miles an hour.

It was still fall, for chrisakes!

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