Once upon a time there was a girl. All her friends liked her. (It was unclear why.) She watched things. Sometimes, occasionally, when she was feeling bold, she tried to explain what she saw.

Sometimes, people thought it was funny. Sometimes, people cried. Sometimes, people would pat her on the back and tell her how very bold she was. But there were things the girl saw that she never tried to explain.

She did not feel bold.

So instead, the girl did this.

If I asked you what you saw, would you share? Would you be scared? Would you feel pretentious, arrogant, stupid or blind? Would you find that although you had seen, you could not describe, and the words were falling useless and limp from your lips like broken shells tumbling from numb and bleeding fingers? Would you find that you had never looked?

Direction, like purpose, lies to the left of me. All that is ahead is hope.


Excuse me, we were talking
The Council for Dogs Desiring Hats would like to present a petition to The Authorities regarding the lack of hats in this post.

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