Types of Dark Lite

In the interests of Educating the Populace (which is the people I’m mad at, not you. Or any real people, really. I am sorry, fake people I am mad at!), I have prepared the following short explanation of the difference between Dark, Grim Dark, and Stupidly Grim. (This is totally a rage rant, stemming from all these horrible stories I’ve been reading.)
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NaNo ’17 Report

NaNo was okay. My original plan was to write an Urban Fantasy novel about a girl whose sister had gone missing. There was going to be ghosts and murder and adventure and mystery and stuff. But I got to October 28th and I decided that the whole idea sucked and I hated it (more than I hated literally everything else I was writing and had written for the past five months, which is a pretty impressive amount of hate) so I decided I would write about my cat instead. Continue reading