NaNo ’17 Report

NaNo was okay. My original plan was to write an Urban Fantasy novel about a girl whose sister had gone missing. There was going to be ghosts and murder and adventure and mystery and stuff. But I got to October 28th and I decided that the whole idea sucked and I hated it (more than I hated literally everything else I was writing and had written for the past five months, which is a pretty impressive amount of hate) so I decided I would write about my cat instead.

My cat is pretty great.

Her name is Bastet, and she is zany and cranky and super tolerant and really sweet and also really mean to other cats.

It was going to be great.

But, in the actual writing, I couldn’t get her character to express on the page (I mean, she is a cat. She does what SHE wants, not what I want. And apparently what she wanted was to not be a character.) And none of the other characters would character either. And the whole thing was really frustrating.

So I got to 50,000 words on Nov 18th and decided to switch to something else.

Anything else.

Which, of course, inevitability perhaps, ended up being GT.

GT stands for God-Touched. It’s the name of an RPG that I’ve been playing in for about four years now. (We’ve finished one campaign, and we’re on another now, with new characters. We call it Future GT.) I’ve been writing fan-fiction. (Yes. Fan-fiction for an RPG I played in. You got problems with that??

Yeah, I didn’t think so. You seemed chill.)

So that’s been fun. And I’ve actually enjoyed writing some of it, for the first time in months and months, so that’s amazing.

I do feel bad for copping out on my previous stor(ies).

I guess ‘bad’ isn’t quite right.

I feel like a failure? Only not that strong.

But I am definitely disappointed. I’ve had a lot of luck with NaNo in the past, and gotten a lot of joy and value out of the stories I’ve written, and a lot to think about and be happy about afterwards.

I had fun this year (well, the second half of the month anyway), and I’m glad about that, but other than that, not so much.

Ah well. I’m still glad that I got to participate! Thank you all for kindly reading my Harry Potter review posts while I beavered away!

(On a more positive note, we’ve decided to re-write, well, that our GM should re-write, the logs that were kept of the game sot that it can be comprehensible and enjoyable for the non-initiate. I’m super excited about that. The story we told together was a huge part of my life, and int continues to be a big part of my life. I’d really like to share it!)

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