1000-He’s a Banker

Inspired by Addio Monti by SimonePomata.

Joel shifted, thick trousers making a scraping sound on the brocade seat, trying to get a better look at the cluster of people in the street. His long sword, pushed back up against the wall, slid and tapped the window glass. Joel resisted the temptation to reach over and push it back out of sight. No one in the gathering outside was looking at him. They wouldn’t see it. Continue reading

1000- Ferra’s Tattoo

This piece was inspired by a sketch by Flycatcher263 on Deviantart. Unfortunately, it’s not up there anymore. You guys will just have to imagine it.

“Isn’t that like a symbol for how many people you’ve killed?” Naria asked, her confidence gaining strength as she went along and Ferra didn’t like, glare or something.

Ferra looked up from the rose she was gently untangling from itself. She looked back at it. “A pink and white rose?”
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