White Walker – Part 2

Part One
Inspired by A Well Laid Trap by GaryLaibArt.

“You take all your clothes off right there.” Ros said, rising to find him some of Papa’s. “I don’t want any of that mud getting on the furs.” She’d have to get the bath out and fill it. The mud had probably soaked into him so deeply it was leaking out of his bones.

She got back from the outhouse with the copper tub to find him stripped and wrapped in a towel.

“King’s Rider?” Papa was asking. “This far west? What for?”
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Guest Post by Megan Carmody: Tezcatlipoca and The Five Suns

Hey all! My friend Megan sent me a sweet guest post!
Erm, fair warning. There’s some cussing in here. And a lot of jerk-hood.

Before I begin, I want to issue a very heavy disclaimer. This myth I’m about to retell, while at least moderately researched, is by no means academic, nor is it written through anything resembling a lens of the original cultural values through which these myths were crafted and refined. My primary intention is to entertain, which means I have handpicked the versions of the myths that (can be easily twisted to) help support my intention the best. There are a number of different tellings and interpretations, as with any myth. If you’re looking to educate yourself (which, if you are… WILL YOU BE MY MYTH BUDDY PRETTY PLEASE?) then I recommend starting here (http://www.sacred-texts.com/nam/aztec/index.htm) and getting yourself a copy of the various Codices (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aztec_codices).

Another, more bite-sized disclaimer: there’s an earlier version of this essay floating around somewhere on the internet. This version was revised. Heavily. If you happen to find the other one… uh… I’ll give you a cookie.
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Guest Post: By Loral Uber

Hi folks! My friend Loral sent me a guest post! I hope you enjoy it!

Hello hello! This is a guest post, as you may have already been informed. You probably have not been informed that I’m not actually a writer. I am a garbage worker (excuse me, a “solid waste management specialist” if we’re being all fancy). I agreed to write something before considering what on earth I would write about… not the best course of action maybe, but cest la vie. Since they always say to write what you know, y’all are gonna get a post about garbage today. Buckle up folks, and prepare yourselves for a trip to the life-and-death world of trash! Continue reading

White Walker – Part 1

Okay guys, this is exciting. I’ve got two parts written, but I don’t have the third written. This is part one. Are you excited?! I’M EXCITED!!!

Inspired by A Well Laid Trap by GaryLaibArt.

Part Two

Anselm had crawled out of the swamp. He hadn’t bothered to scrape the mud off of his face, or rest. The crack of snapping rock as the troll chewed and swallowed had driven him on, far longer then the noise itself had carried. When he had had to sleep, more often then he would like, he crawled up into the moss-covered trees, and pressed himself into the branches.

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