NaNo ’17 Report

NaNo was okay. My original plan was to write an Urban Fantasy novel about a girl whose sister had gone missing. There was going to be ghosts and murder and adventure and mystery and stuff. But I got to October 28th and I decided that the whole idea sucked and I hated it (more than I hated literally everything else I was writing and had written for the past five months, which is a pretty impressive amount of hate) so I decided I would write about my cat instead. Continue reading


I read this book yesterday that had an interesting idea. (It was interesting all over, but I wanna talk about this one thing.) NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, by Steve Silberman. Concept: Neurodiversity. Idea is basically everybody has different brains and that is good because we are good at different things. The author wants us to think about this in terms of Autistic people (everyone else too, but he was writing about Autistic people. And also history.). Continue reading