A List of Questions

I’ve been ‘writing’ this fantasy story that takes place in a medieval fantasy setting, only Medieval Japan instead of Medieval Europe. And more like Early Modern then Medieval but whatever.

Of course, I don’t know very much about Medieval Japan (or Early Modern Japan, for that matter) so I’m doing a lot of research. I started this by making a big stinkin’ long list of questions that I needed specific answers too.

That was two years ago.
I went over the list again to see if I could answer any of them.
I can’t. Not really.
But I’m sharing it with you anyway.
A List of Questions

5 thoughts on “A List of Questions

  1. I’m curious about whether you could answer these questions about a different time and place which you don’t live in. Or, are they just hard questions to answer without living in them?


    1. I sure hope I can. I think most of them will be answerable for the time period with enough research, but we’ll see.


  2. DANG that is a list of questions! That is pretty super cool! I don’t think you should feel too bad about not being able to answer it for historical Japan since I bet you can’t even answer the equivalent ones for San Jose, California. Why are comments off on that page? Also, you have some GREAT typos; I don’t know what a causal drink is, but it’s probably awesome! Or milk. Or booze. But hopefully awesome!


    1. Oh, also, the English word for Samisen is Samisen. Source: Kaho’s mom’s buddy dude plays one, and came by music class in middle school. You missed it cause you went to lame middle school. It’s a super rediculously awesome instrument and I wish more people played it but I guess it’s really hard because of how it combines percussive and string elements. You could be a lame meanie face jerk person and call it a banjo or something, but it’s totally not a banjo! D<

      Also, relevant to a bunch of your questions, but you probably already know about it, but: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabuki


    2. Comments are off so people can’t correct my typos. XD XD
      Also, a casual drink would be like, what do people drink when they are sitting around and feel thirsty? I would drink water or tea. People in Medieval England probably drank beer.


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