Guest Post by Megan Carmody: Tezcatlipoca and The Five Suns

Hey all! My friend Megan sent me a sweet guest post!
Erm, fair warning. There’s some cussing in here. And a lot of jerk-hood.

Before I begin, I want to issue a very heavy disclaimer. This myth I’m about to retell, while at least moderately researched, is by no means academic, nor is it written through anything resembling a lens of the original cultural values through which these myths were crafted and refined. My primary intention is to entertain, which means I have handpicked the versions of the myths that (can be easily twisted to) help support my intention the best. There are a number of different tellings and interpretations, as with any myth. If you’re looking to educate yourself (which, if you are… WILL YOU BE MY MYTH BUDDY PRETTY PLEASE?) then I recommend starting here ( and getting yourself a copy of the various Codices (

Another, more bite-sized disclaimer: there’s an earlier version of this essay floating around somewhere on the internet. This version was revised. Heavily. If you happen to find the other one… uh… I’ll give you a cookie.
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Guest Post: By Loral Uber

Hi folks! My friend Loral sent me a guest post! I hope you enjoy it!

Hello hello! This is a guest post, as you may have already been informed. You probably have not been informed that I’m not actually a writer. I am a garbage worker (excuse me, a “solid waste management specialist” if we’re being all fancy). I agreed to write something before considering what on earth I would write about… not the best course of action maybe, but cest la vie. Since they always say to write what you know, y’all are gonna get a post about garbage today. Buckle up folks, and prepare yourselves for a trip to the life-and-death world of trash! Continue reading