1000-Little Brother

I could tell he was a kitten. His paws were still too big for his face and he was sitting awkwardly, like he didn’t know quite where his butt was. But there was a wisdom in those eyes, and a humor, that you normally only got in older cats. I held out my fingers, clicked them together.

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1000-This Dog Cracks Me Up

Inspired by Night Watchman by Vlad-off-kru on DeviantArt

“Boss! Boss wake up! BoooOOoOsss!”

Boss snorfuled and shifted his arms, covering his head. Dog changed tactics, and began sniffing around Boss’s jacket. “Boss, boss. Booos bosss.” Dog hummed happily. Boss had a couple of treats on him, little cracker bits he’d either forgotten about, or meant to give Dog later.

“Cum’mon Boss! Wake up! I’m huuuungry Boss! It’s morning Boss! We gotta get up!”

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1000-The Peacekeeper’s Sister

There was a slow creak, followed by a series of short ones, with that telling silence in between. Angela looked up, pausing her music as a new song started. Carrie came down the stairs and around the corner, her deep frown firmly in place.

“Good morning.” Angela said, joking, in a three-quarters whisper, out of respect for the still (hopefully) sleeping parents. Continue reading