Camp NaNo (A.K.A. Camp OMG I’m going to DIE.)

April was, rather unexpectedly, Camp National Novel Writing Month!

Okay, it wasn’t actually unexpected. I just forgot I’d agreed to do it. On April 1st I read my sweet awesome hard-core endurance life-liver friend’s blog post and realized I was writing 50,000 words. Starting right then.

Oops guys.

Fortunately I had enough bloggy stuff lying around that I could get all the posts for April up in the first week.

And now it is done. (Well, not actually because I’m writing this on April 26th and I still have 5,000 or so words left to write. But we’re going to pretend it’s done.)

It was an interesting month. Sleep and I are having an extended fight. I think we might break up. Lots of people are exploding. Certain individuals in my family, who shall remain unnamed, are getting married next month.

All in all, not very much happened on the making up blog material front.

So. If you want to write a blog post, or draw a blog post, or make an audio presentation for a blog post, you should totally hit me up. Because I could use some guest posts.

But about my NaNo!
I’ve never written so much of a story I had so little to start with in so short a time before. I think this month would have been easier if I had had a plot to begin with. Writing days go slowly when all I have is a couple of characters with very nebulous and unclear motivations.

I’m not sure I learned anything but I definitely re-learned that the easiest way to get words out there is to make a character who really, really wants something and then make sure they can’t get it.

Anyway, it was fun. Even if it did wander all over the place like a drunk monkey trying to catch a Squirtle on Pokemon Go.
(Don’t worry, I’ll try to remember not to punch my computer this time.)

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