1000-His Highness and the Prophet

I can’t find the picture that inspired this.
It was pretty intense.
If you see it, let me know!

Dagga shuddered and looked away from the picture. The whole scene, depicted in somber greys, murky blues and vivid, sinister orange, was shudder worthy.

“I’m convinced of it.” Fiera said, running her white gloved hand across the frame again. “This is the same as my dream. It’s the prophecy!” Continue reading

1000- The Woman In Yellow

The tea was dark. It tasted like bitter soap on the back of his tongue. De’Angelo leaned back, kicking one leg up and making the chair creak as his weight shifted to its back legs. The gentle morning breeze ruffled through the overgrowing flowers that crowded around the balcony seating, mostly disguising him. Mostly crowding out his vision.But he could see the crosswalk at Nine and T. And it was seven forty seven.

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White Walker – Part 2

Part One
Inspired by A Well Laid Trap by GaryLaibArt.

“You take all your clothes off right there.” Ros said, rising to find him some of Papa’s. “I don’t want any of that mud getting on the furs.” She’d have to get the bath out and fill it. The mud had probably soaked into him so deeply it was leaking out of his bones.

She got back from the outhouse with the copper tub to find him stripped and wrapped in a towel.

“King’s Rider?” Papa was asking. “This far west? What for?”
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White Walker – Part 1

Okay guys, this is exciting. I’ve got two parts written, but I don’t have the third written. This is part one. Are you excited?! I’M EXCITED!!!

Inspired by A Well Laid Trap by GaryLaibArt.

Part Two

Anselm had crawled out of the swamp. He hadn’t bothered to scrape the mud off of his face, or rest. The crack of snapping rock as the troll chewed and swallowed had driven him on, far longer then the noise itself had carried. When he had had to sleep, more often then he would like, he crawled up into the moss-covered trees, and pressed himself into the branches.

Needless to say, when he reached the raggedy edge of the swamp several long days later, he was in an ill mood. Continue reading