Thank you sesutė!

Hello there, wonderful people!

As you may (or may not) have noticed, we are now ‘’ instead of ‘’!

What happened, I hear you ask? (I’m pretending, okay? Work with me here.)

What precipitated this exciting and dramatic change?!?

My wonderful sister gave it to us (me? Do you guys wanna be an ‘us’?). As a gift. So we can be all fancy! (And because we made it a year.)

I thought that was pretty nice of her.

(She’s pretty cool.)

Other cool things my sister has done (for me):

Encouraged me to start this blog in the first place!

Been real nice when I showed her things that I wanted encouragement about.

Been exactly the right amount of excited about all the things, all the time, at the right time. She is like, number one best enthusiastic person in the whole world. (EVER!)

Loved people in a way that makes it clear that she considers loving people to be a valid life goal.

Got really excited about people and validated my own excitement about people, as well as validating my experiences about ‘glowy people’.

Told me honesty about her life in a way that was encouraging (because she was keeping going when things were so hard and stupid and she was learning and growing and doing it anyway even though things were bad and she made mistakes) and really inspiring (because she kept doing it, and she was willing to share it with me even though it was hard and sucky) and also really sniffly-friendly feeling (because she shared it WITH ME. Like I was the best!!!! *blush feeling*) and also was valuable for my own life (because she learned a lot of things and lots of them are things I would have had to learn all on my own if she hadn’t told me).

Been my friend, even when I was super annoying and a little sister.

Trusted me with experiences that were really important to her, leading me to feel valued, helpful and trustworthy. (I know I already said that, but I said it like an adult this time.)

Taught me (well, I’m still learning) that making mistakes is not the same as being a terrible heap of shameful gross.

Been always there and always willing to listen, even though she lives very far away.

Been always huggy at the right times, and always being willing to wait to say the scary things until I’m done being angry or panicked.

Been supportive, wise, and clear sighted when it comes to helping me set goals and make plans.

Followed through on many of her own plans, showing me that achieving hard things is, in fact, possible by breaking them up into little bits.

Been lots of cool places and then told me about them.

Had the best noises. (THE BEST)

Been so willing to be vulnerable, to feel things that are hard to feel and to let people effect her. This is amazing. I always work hard to keep stories and people from touching me, because I know if they get close they can hurt me. I am awed because my sister is not afraid to be sad about stories that are sad. And that is super cool. (It’s like she has the ‘being vulnerable’ super power. The suckeist super power. But also the most hard core.)

Not killed me for posting this. (Probably. If I miss next week you’ll know why.)

(And thank ya’ll for reading.)

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