Birthday Hike

It was my Loral’s birthday the other day. We went on a hike. We went to Skunk Cabbage Creek Trail, home of the famous Land Snail.
The Humboldt County Land Snail

It was pretty fun! It was about an hour drive to get there, which was a bit long, but we had chips and fancy sandwiches because it was a fancy day! We also had a lot of water.

Skunk Cabbage Creek Trail is in the forest. There aren’t any redwoods (or at least I didn’t spot any) but there are lots of Normal-Northern-California-Trees (I have no idea what kind of tree that is), and thus a lot of shade. And green. So much green. (It’s basically, practically, and possibly actually a rainforest in there dudes.) There were also a lot of cool mushrooms, a frog, and some baby chipmunks. (Chipmonks? Is it because they look like monks?)

Anyway, here are a few pictures!

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