Spider Season

It’s spider season.

In the heart of winter we only see the occasional spider, all big ones, resolute and clinging to the undersides of bushes even as the rain tears apart their webs.

But sometime in the summer, June or July, they start to hatch, and there are tons of them. Little ones, big ones, filling the bushes and spreading across fences and decks. Just a few weeks ago they started blooming, big enough now to make webs you can see and appreciate, speckled with bees and flies and who knows what else.

All the same colors, brown and orange, and speckled in a bunch of patterns.

Cross patterns, like stained glass windows in unorthodox churches.

I like these ones. They stay outside, and eat a lot. And they are very pretty, and they don’t move very much.

Good attributes, for a spider, if you are neighbors.

We used to have a wolf spider in our bathroom, but he stopped coming out from behind the cabinet after a while. I don’t know if he moved, or died, or what. But I think he helped keep the fly population down. Wherever they sleep at night, he could probably find them.

Now, only the carnivorous plants eat flies, and they can only eat the little ones.

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